A Stereotypical About

An Advocate, a passionate writer, a nerd, a wannabe philosopher and want to be a good learner.


Well… What is this website all about? Is it a blog related to law or some platform to voice for a certain agenda? Hmmmm… No. It is a place to share some of my personal views and thoughts. A site to learn and a site to share, especially a site to interact with all of you and grow together. This personal blog will be having some ideas on our favorite shows, random philosophical ideas, some social factors and of course some fictional and non-fictional stuff I come up with (hope the fictions make some sense at the end). Let us have fun and wonderful time with some of my words and some good stories to share.

What I Do?

I am B. Pragash, an advocate practicing at Hon’ble Madras High Court, Madurai Bench and in Tiruchirappalli Courts. I have ardent interest in writing and so I write some articles, research papers when time permits. I am also a content writer in A.K. Myslamy and Associates, Chennai. I am practising under the guidance of Advocate Shri. D. Boopal, my father and my dear mentor who encourages me to experiment and this is one such.

My school days started in Mahatma Gandhi Centenary Vidhyalaya, Tiiruchirappalli where I spent 12 years of schooling and then I moved to Samayapuram Shri Rasipuram Vigneshwara School and spent two years for my higher education. With curiosity and will to contradict anything, I made myself ready to pursue law and thus entered SASTRA Deemed to be Univeristy, Tanjore, spent worthy 5 years for Bachelor Law Programme, BBA., LL.B., (Hons.). Soon, I started pursuing my LLM in Labour and Administrative Law Course in Government Law College, Tiruchirappalli. I had some experience as an editor and Editor-in-Chief in Law Times Journal. Then I started concentrating in litigation and at present I am the Editor-in-Chief in Indiclegal.com.

The writing interest, turned into a wish, then a habit and now a real dilemma. The confusion on who will be my target audience, so will it be a healthy habit? Is it necessary to write? What can I write? Will it be appealing? Among all these questions, the answer I got is quite comforting. Lets write first and then the answers will fall in places. My pen touches the note and my fingers move over my keypad with fond hope. Welcome you all to my site.

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